Marilyn, Flowers, Lips, Gun, Mirror, Cactus


‘Marilyn, Flowers, Lips, Gun, Mirror, Cactus’ is an exhibition dedicated to Pop Art. It presents Pop Art as an immersive experience. Paintings by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann were exhibited along with a limited edition of Gufram’s iconic Cactus®, specially commissioned for Ordovas. 70s-inspired typography and a colour palette reflecting some of the iconic work of the Pop Art Movement, are the basis of the design for the accompanying book. Bold and magnetic just like the art. Five different covers were designed, inspired by multiples and edition prints of the era – each highlighting one of the words in the title ‘Marilyn, Flowers, Lips, Gun, Mirror, Cactus’ and reflecting the colour palette of the artworks. Also, it was a perfect opportunity to work with fluorescent green pantone!